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Frank Dimaio to Buenos Aires with documents, pictures and an warrant of arrest.
A new stage had begun just as mysteriously as the previous one had ended. Their deeds gave place to a wave of doubtful reports on new robberies, strange stories, true and false

testimonies, useless chases and mythical captures. All this would become part of a collection of anecdotes of a distant Patagonia, enchanting enough to gather some of the most famous characters.

Chapter 2
Tragedy of the Cervantes
he "Monte Cervantes" steamboat belonged to the Hamburg South American Company, whose agent in Buenos Aires was the Delfino Company. The Cervantes had a length of 450 feet and a breadth of 63 feet. Its facilities were distributed in six levels and holds. It carried 13.750 tons at a speed of 16 knots. The Cervantes had been launched during 1924, and its last and most dramatic voyage took place on January 22, 1930.

Further to the frightful adventure the passengers suffered, the Cervantes’ tragic end served to show the camaraderie of the Ushuaian community. The friendship and affection that bonded the people in this long, bitter experience would live forever in their minds.

The "Monte Cervantes" had been built having in mind immigrants more than tourists. The passenger beds were 1082, but on this particular journey there were 1500 people on board. In order to establish the social impact caused by this tragedy, these amounts must be considered especially when taking into account the 800 people that living in Ushuaia at the time.

The ship, in the hands of Captain Theodore Dreyer – born in Germany in 1874 – who had been with the company for 31 years, sailed off Buenos Aires on January 15th, 1930, at 10 am. The crew was qualified as very selective, since it included many professionals, legislators and members of the armed forces. These


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9-10     CHAPTER 2 - Tragedy of the Cervantes - THE “MONTE CERVANTES” SHIPWRECK  
11     CHAPTER 3 - The First Flight over Tierra del Fuego - GUNTHER PLÜSCHOW  
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