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The chronicles of thesevoyages, many of which are found in the greatestmuseums around the world, were kept secret. Nonetheless, the tales of the survivors that told of the tragic events in this faraway land spread around the world: "... beyond those waters the world ends", "...the land is inhabited by giants", "... valleys surrounded by ice mountains where an immortal race of men dwell", "... storms and winds unleashing their fury in a matter of minutes, sinking entire fleets..."

These accounts that were in part true, in part the result of imagination, awakened the unusual attraction Patagonia holds in the world to this day. Many surrendered to the fascination of this remote area, others were seduced by the possibilities inspired by the lands at the end of the world. In this way, people from around the world, speaking different languages and filled with hope, courage and purpose, began a long journey to build a new life.

All the chronicles speak of a common dream of conquest and freedom, but also of the difficulties that its characters overcame based on their wit and boundless bravery in order to reach their goals.

Homage to these people is still paid in the memories of the settlers, holding in high esteem those who contributed to the Patagonian magic. The settlers still keep the most diverse items well preserved, sometimes cherished as their little treasures. Other items have become part of ordinary life. These items range from pictures and postcards aged by time, yellowish documents, drawings, maps and antique portraits, old newspaper clippings or a knife, a table, a lamp, a carriage or a trunk once owned by a famous character.

But basically, it is the tales and accounts – passed on in thousands of different ways - that keep the thrill of the legacy that these men left behind.

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1-2-3-4-5-6     INTRODUCTION  
7-8     CHAPTER 1 - From Far West to Patagonia - BUTCH CASSIDY  
9-10     CHAPTER 2 - Tragedy of the Cervantes - THE “MONTE CERVANTES” SHIPWRECK  
11     CHAPTER 3 - The First Flight over Tierra del Fuego - GUNTHER PLÜSCHOW  
12     CHAPTER 4 - The Promised Land - THE ROAD OF THE WELSH PEOPLE  
13-14     Chapter 5 - The Watchman of the South - LUIS PIEDRA BUENA  
15-16     Chapter 6 - The Prison of the End of the World - Ushuaia’s Prison  
17     Chapter 7 - The Perito Moreno Glacier - FRANCISCO PANCRACIO MORENO  
18     Chapter 8 - THE FATHER DE AGOSTINI  
19-20     Chapter 9 - Long Live the King! - ORLLIE ANTOINE  
21     Chapter 10 - No Place for Women - ELLA HOFFMAN de BRUNSWICK  
22     Chapter 11 - The Boundless Empire - JOSE MENENDEZ  
23-24-25     Chapter 12 - Dreams of Gold - JULIUS POPPER  
27-28-29-30     PRESS ISSUE