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The prison of Tierra del Fuego,
the most treacherous of the
prisons in America.






Father Alberto M. De Agostini, priest of
Salesians order and explorer.


Dissimilar events and people with different pasts were drawn by destiny to
Patagonia to become pieces of a common history.

All of them could look, during a brief moment, to the endless horizon of Patagonia and its vast and infinite plains. All saw, for the first time, the gigantic glaciers next to mountain peaks lost in the clouds, escorted only by the sound of wind and the roaring of bitter waves, breaking tirelessly against the shore.

Maybe it was this that made these people understand the insignificance of men when confronted by nature. It made them understand that only by sorting all obstacles they would hold the key to their own destiny. Also, that their dreams would be gigantic and immortal, lingering in all their might, charm and magic to our days

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1-2-3-4-5-6     INTRODUCTION  
7-8     CHAPTER 1 - From Far West to Patagonia - BUTCH CASSIDY  
9-10     CHAPTER 2 - Tragedy of the Cervantes - THE “MONTE CERVANTES” SHIPWRECK  
11     CHAPTER 3 - The First Flight over Tierra del Fuego - GUNTHER PLÜSCHOW  
12     CHAPTER 4 - The Promised Land - THE ROAD OF THE WELSH PEOPLE  
13-14     Chapter 5 - The Watchman of the South - LUIS PIEDRA BUENA  
15-16     Chapter 6 - The Prison of the End of the World - Ushuaia’s Prison  
17     Chapter 7 - The Perito Moreno Glacier - FRANCISCO PANCRACIO MORENO  
18     Chapter 8 - THE FATHER DE AGOSTINI  
19-20     Chapter 9 - Long Live the King! - ORLLIE ANTOINE  
21     Chapter 10 - No Place for Women - ELLA HOFFMAN de BRUNSWICK  
22     Chapter 11 - The Boundless Empire - JOSE MENENDEZ  
23-24-25     Chapter 12 - Dreams of Gold - JULIUS POPPER  
27-28-29-30     PRESS ISSUE